The D4 gets it right with movie !!! will Canon strike back?

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Re: Could you be more specific?

Slideshow Bob wrote:

ohyva wrote:

Slideshow Bob wrote:

8bit 4:2:2 (just like the 1Dx and C300). What's the problem? The H.264 bit rate is relatively modest, but that doesn't apply to the HDMI output.

So, once again, what's the problem?

In H.264/MPEG-4 AVC you can output compressed video where 14 bit data with no color subsampling (Hi444PP). And to make it better use High 444 Intra Profile i.e. all intra frames.

The problem, HDMI just is not specified to pass through the best quality video possible out from the modern cameras i.e. 14bits no subsampling. It is made to pass through good enough quality for HDTV viewing.

Ignoring the limitations of the D4 for a moment, HDMI (as a standard) is capable of everything you say it isn't (and more). Look up HDMI 1.3.

Since none of the DSLRs do more than 8bit 4:2:2, how is D4 video any more of a "GIMMICK!!!!" than the others? At least you can record the output in a format that is free from compression artefacts and that doesn't need conversion to be of any use.

Where I can find the detailled spec of 1D X video?
I'm especially interested in the coding used in the "All-i" mode.

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