Are we losing standardized formats ?

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Re: Are we losing standardized formats ?

tkbslc wrote:

Peter Shute wrote:

What's impractical about those?

The impractical part is that you give up significant control, balance and user experience by switching to a small body (Especially if it lacks a viewfinder and external exposure dials). And if you are not gaining any size advantage, then you gave it up for nothing. Those combos are not any smaller in use than a regular SLR combo.

But don't some little cameras have most of those things? The viewfinder might be electronic, but that has some advantages (brightness and magnification) despite the disadvantages (resolution and battery drain).

I don't understand about balance. If the thing is tilting down, hold it further forward, if it's tilting up, hold it further back. And the whole thing changes with lens length and weight.

I'm no fan of tiny cameras, but if they do what you want then why not?

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