photo: interior panorama (GXR)

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Re: photo: interior panorama (GXR)


I have been going back though the posts, and picking up gems here and there.

For me, your excellent image illustrate the problems of interior panos: two walls, at least, curve in to the viewer.

You may recall my post over on the other forum, where interior panos were the subject, in the absence of a wide enough rectilinear focal length to take in the desired FOV, and without too much foreground/background perspective distortion, and while keeping cornices, etc., straight. Recall that I had sold the 14–24 Nikkor that has been my mainstay for this work.

It's a real technical problem, no? And this is the reason I chose the CV 15/4.5 as my first lens (rather than the 12/5.6), is for the foreground/background perspective distortion advantage. It may not prove wide enough; I will definitely keep you posted on this, perhaps by PM.
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