G1X... pro prime lens version wanted

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Re: G1X... pro prime lens version wanted

I, for one, wouldn't buy it without the swiveling screen...I think it adds a lot to be able to shoot and 'see' from almost any angle...it adds little to the size of the camera and is as robust as a flat screen, even better when you can turn the screen inwards toward the body to protect it...

ok, looks count, but I go into a store and hold it, see how it feels in hand, if it works it works, darth vader looks or not...

most important, for me, image quality, flexibility and ease of use (i like a good choice of analog buttons, knobs, and manual settings choices), focus and processing speed, dependability, etc...

hiplnsdrftr wrote:

So maybe now that the Canon consumer mirrorless camera has been made...

maybe they can release one for photographers?

No flip screen, fast prime lens, body that doesn't look like Darth Vader's walkie-talkie.

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Canon has actually made the large sensor-compact camera I have griped about... and it's butt ugly. Oh well... can't win 'em all. Hello Fuji.

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