Best buy Black tie protection program. Big disappointment.

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Re: Best buy Black tie protection program. Big disappointment.

And the moral is, never ever buy any of that BS protection programs. When I lived there, I never bought any protection programs. They never work! The only thing that somewhat works is the manufacturer's warranty. But even that doesn't completely work in America.

I remember when DVD players first appeared in stores, I bought one (it was Toshiba, if memory serves). Was very excited. It broke after three months of simple weekend rental movie watching. I paid $400 for the player. Did I go and claim the warranty service? No way! I knew that it will cost more in moral damage. I simply bought another one (which also broke in less than six month).

DVD players today last forever. The moral: don't be anal and always take everything with a pinch of salt. They want to get you, they want to play you like a piano. That's the world we are living in. C'mon, don't be stupid. It's their way or the Long Island expressway for me. Life is tough (especially in the US). Be a man.

zoom7 wrote:

I purchased 4 years black tie protection program from Best Buy.

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