Now recommendations for 40mm EFOV lenses for GXR-M

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Re: Now recommendations for 40mm EFOV lenses for GXR-M

Thanks all,

Two members of another forum some of us here frequent have offered me pristine ZM 25/2.8s, so after looking at pics, etc., will probably get one of these. I can see that lens being on the GXR most of the time. Thanks for everyone's suggestions.

And, @ Godfrey: I hear you, loud and clear. The final list for all the work I have on at the moment is:

CV 12/5.6, and CV 15/4.5. Once I work out which one is the most versatile for interiors, one will go, probably.

ZM 25/2.8

A12 28/2.5 (again, I want to use these side-by-side for a while before deciding which one I like the best, or keep both; the A12 module is inexpensive

A12 50 macro

And one of the fast 50s or the 55 we were talking about before

So, in all probability, a four-lens kit. And at these prices, I can see myself getting one of the A16 M modules, and using two bodies, just like the old days.

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