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Re: AF is "a bit faster than G12".

pixelmess wrote:

One of the main reasons many canon fans (such as I) are wondering about its IQ & focus speed, is finding a reason to justify spending $800 on a point-n-shoot.

Why do you keep calling it a "point and shoot". That was an old designation (with positive connotation I might add) back in the 80's when they started to produce plastic cameras with a single button labeled "Shoot", hence you "point" and you "shoot". Canon G cameras always gave full control over the picture taking process. It is NOT a point and shoot. A camera that is not an SLR (DSLR in today's world) is not necessarily a point and shoot. Is Leica M9 a point and shoot? It certainly looks like it by today's definition of the term. No? Well, OK. The new G is not perfect, but lets not use names that you don't exactly know the meaning of. Somewhat frustrating...

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