Where is the A16 M-Mount?

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Re: No longer odd and quirky and dangerous to know?

I did a lot of research before buying one of those A12 units from Popflash, for exactly the reason other gave: excellent performance on UWA. I had a NEX 7 ordered, too... and happily cancelled that when all the reports came out. And then the X Pro 1 (or whatever it's called was announced) and it has an M-adapter, so the lenses at least will be useful on both, IF there are no corner and smearing problems.

There is no significant difference in resolution between 12 and 16, IMHO. DR is perhaps another matter, but no matter, in the sense that I will be using the A12 and getting useful images in the meantime, and the A12 will be sellable once/if the A16 comes out AND performs better than the A12
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