LX5 and Adobe 1998 RGB

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Re: LX5 and Adobe 1998 RGB

AlphaOmega wrote:

I owned both the LX2 and LX3. Traded in for LX5. It sticks in my mind that the menu allowed for conversion from sRGB to Adobe 1998 RGB. Have been trying frantically to find if this can be done on the LX5 and been through the whole of the full PDF l manual to no avail.

I'm not sure in the case of the LX2, but my LX3 does not have this feature. Panasonic M43 cameras (at least the GH2) do, though. Many dSLRs also include this selectable feature.

Please can somebody "in the know" please either confirm that LX5 is fixed at sRGB or explain how the conversion to Adobe RGB can be carried out.

There is no mention of it in the LX5 Operating Instructions - and I have not seen any poster on this forum refer to such a feature.

Note that RAW processors will use their own chosen working color-space that they use in internal processing. The same is true (in general) where it comes to image-editors that process TIF and JPG image-files.

Adobe applications (of course) can use aRGB as their working color-space.

Note that the selecting of the color-space in a RAW image-file is only a informational "tag" in the meta-data that the processor/editor may or may not pay attention to. The user is typically free to choose what the output color-space of the processed/edited image will be.

In the case of an encoded in-camera OOC JPG, the image-data exists in the YCbCr color-space in the form of a Discrete Cosine Transform, and is only mapped into another color-space when that JPG image-file is decoded by an image-processor, image-editor, or image-viewer.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JPEG#Color_space_transformation

Thus, if your intended goal is to make OOC JPGs more compatible with Adobe applications (by having a selection to indicate aRGB rather than sRGB in the meta-data of that JPG image-file), there is no need to do that (as Adobe applications will use aRGB, or perhaps other color-spaces) when they process that image.

In cases where that OOC JPG is simply read (as is) by an image-viewer of some kind, one would want the color-space to be sRGB - as it may not be the case that the particular viewer/browser, etc. will know what to do with a designated aRGB color-space (and may well in that case simply ignore that information, anyway). So, it's really not a problem that the LX5 does not feature that.

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