xpro1: Why so big?

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Re: xpro1: Why so big?

jase wrote:

John Bean (UK) wrote:

win39 wrote:

Obviously, it is intended as a DSLR replacement, not as a second compact camera.

It's not obvious to me; rangefinder cameras were never intended to be or used as replacements for SLRs, they complemented each had with their differing strengths and weaknesses. The X1 has a similar functional relationship with dSLRs.

As RFs were around before SLRs they couldnt have been designed to compliment them.

I didn't say they were designed to complement SLRs, I simply stated the fact that for the majority of users they do just that because of their strengths match SLR weaknesses and vice versa, to a great extent.

you have to be a masochist, to keep a DSLR with a 24-70 f2.8 and a flash on you all the time. Whereas an RF in a Billingham Hadley Pro a couple of lenses, an IPad, sunglasses and a few bits and pieces is eminently doable all day every day.

Exactly. That's one example of the point I was trying (and apparently failing) to make.

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