Adobe backs down

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Re: Adobe backs down

Steve Bingham wrote:
I "think" so but their new policy is ambiguous.

M. Mitchell wrote:

I use Photoshop CS4. I do not have the suite. Under the new policy will I be able to upgrade to Photoshop CS6?

Yes, most definitely. With this new policy, any current owners of either CS3 or CS4 products - either individual applications or suite editions - will be able to get upgrade pricing to CS6.

For more details

Simon Garrett wrote:

LibbyS wrote:

...which is better than the original declaration...

but not much better. They're merely pushing the problem out until CS7, in the hope that everyone will have forgotten about it by then.

Well, one big and helpful improvement is it gives more notice to current customers plus the chance to actually see & try the next release before needing to decide on upgrading.

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