newbie needs advice re: female photography

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Re: newbie needs advice re: female photography

jwvgoethe wrote:

I'm a newbie photographer. I shot my friend last sunday(the first time trying out my studio lighting), and this is one of the better ones.

As has been noted - not great, but were our early experiments better? In my case, no.

I've met a very attractive young model (not the above) who is basically willing to do whatever I want...(snip)

Stop right there and say no more. First, and as has also been noted, be kind, especially to former models. Second, do something with her while you can now. Your skills aren't going to progress any faster than without her, so you may as well use the opportunity. There's no shortage of potential models, so make your mistakes now and learn from them. Third, don't try to learn from photography here. Too many variables, too many self-proclaimed experts.

How to make these concrete in the form is the challenging aspect.

Bingo! That's your problem, in a nutshell. And photographers, as I have come to understand it, are essentially problem-solvers. You have a vision of an image to create: The problem is how to get there from where you are. Sometimes the answer is simple, sometimes complex. Often the first problem is defining the image.

Quick pointers:

1. Find images you like and plan to emulate them. Steal from the best. It's not really stealing because your end result will have your influence and mistakes, making it different.

2. Study those images and reverse-engineer them. What's the setting or background? Do you need attention to hair and makeup? Wardrobe? Why that pose-what does it convey and how does it enhance the photo or model? How many lights, where are they and what kind of light modifiers are they using (hint - look at shadows)? And what resources do you have or can borrow/cobble/re-purpose/rent to make it happen. I've met people who can't do this - it's an essential skill IMHO.

Learn the basics.

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