I'm skipping D4 ...

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Re: I'm skipping D4 ...

scorpiuspix wrote:

It seems that everyone agrees that the biggest addition to D4 was video.

To be perfectly honest, I'm also not a video nut either. But, most of the high end Nikon and Canon's are now coming equip with that feature. Both camps are going to produce bodies that appeal to multiple groups at once. If they didn't do this, we would have all sorts of body derivatives, a la carte so to speak. This would surely drive the body prices up even more and they would alienate the mnfg's from some of these marketing groups (minimizing their profits). With this, I'm not forced to use the video feature once I get my D4.

I'm not against the video per se, I'm against video that gets in the way of stills. I uderstand the reasons why Nikon made video its major upgrade. Without video D4 would have looked much weaker on paper, compared to the latest offerings from the competition. Everyone now expects video in DSLRs, in the same way we expect autofocus, metering and other common features, I guess.

That aside, there are a bunch of compelling reasons I like the D4. New low light AF capabilities, added 4MP to sensor (no one even seems to notice this!), slightly faster fps, likely will have very nice high ISO's and initial data may support a nice increase in DR.

Let's wait for the proper tests, shall we? It has to be compared to the D3S under the same coditions. I'm sure there is an upgarde to all those things to be expected, but just how big an upgrade? It could be enough for some people to get a D4, and immaterial to others...

The battery thing may be complete bs, just read Rob Galbraith's yesterday report on it (i.e. depends on how you shoot). If you're migrating from a D3/D3s, this might not be your upgrade. I'm migrating from a D300 so it's a nice upgrade for my needs. cheers!

My biggest gripe is incompatibility of the new battery with the older bodies. I don't care as much that it's only 2000mAh, not 2500mAh as before.

If you're upgrading from D300, then I'm sure you'll be very happy with D4!

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