Front element protection options?

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Windancer wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

If it doesn't hurt, why take it off then. Of these five pics only one was taken with the filter on. Seems no reson to remove it then.

You do whatever you want to do concerning filters and we will agree to disagree. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and I mine. I hope that you understand this. There is pros and cons for whatever side you are on, and I respect that and will not argue that.

Agreed, I think both sides are correct in their own way and the best strategy lies in the middle...use one when needed

I mean no disrespect to you but previously Andrew has already proven to this forum in another thread, how flawed your previous photos and testing were. I am not going to do the same.

I agree there also. I learned a lot and as you can see, corrected the comparison and now simply show how a specific filter will affect a specific thing. As long as we use good equipment, no lens flare is present, and no TC is involved...there simply is no realistic way of denoting a difference. Nothing wrong with showing that. I think it's also important to show when poor quality and what shooting conditions warrant speedy removal. So far I think lens flare is the big player there. Salt spray being the big player in the other camp. I did find one unique thing with my 16-35 f4 lens. The front element retracts into the lens body. So far moisture is the only thing that seems to get in...but dust could I suppose. For that reason, it's the only lens I have I constantly keep a filter on.

This is my opinion and mine only when I say, I will not say using a "protection" filter is wrong, not at all. As I said previously, that I would only use one if only if enviormental conditions warrant it.

I really see nothing wrong with that strategy. It makes perfect sense. I also see nothing wrong with the other strategy of leaving a good quality one on until it causes negative results. "He likes blue...she likes red" Both are great colors

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