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Interview with Kayce M. Baker ( KB ), Director of Marketing in the Electronic Imaging Division of Fujifilm North America Corp.

" KB : I don't actively shoot into, like, that, (looks up at the bright overhead lights) because ow, that hurts right now. I've got orbs just looking at that.

Some employees don't do their company any favours.

I don't see it that way. She appears to be good at what she does which is spinning to Fuji's advantage, like an effective politician or lawyer.

Well that may have spun it to Fuji's advantage for you, but it's made her look like a ditz to me.

You clearly missed my point. I don't agree with the points that she made. What I tried to get across is that she is good at creating perceptions, and she's not trying to influence you or me but with those that will publish and/or read the interviews. She's creating "talking points" that others can use to defend the X10's tendency to produce orbs. It's what sleazy politicians and lawyers do all time. In most cases they know better, but getting a win trumps integrity.

FIRST RULE of crisis management, proved time and time again, by good marketers everywhere:

"Do not play down the issue."

It's practically a business school lesson.

Usually. But what's good for the long term isn't necessarily going to be accepted in the short term when a company is reacting in crisis mode, and her comment that strongly hints that firmware can't solve the orb problem, that hardware needs to address the problem suggests that Fuji thinks what's best is to continue selling as many X10s as possible before the real way they're going to address the orb problem is announced, which I think amounts to falling back on Fuji's tried and true method of dealing with buggy cameras. Look for a firmware fix if possible, and if that won't work, replace the camera with a new model, i.e., look for an X11 appearing long before the X10's replacement would have been expected.

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