Glad I got the Canon 85 1.8

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Not entirely happy with focus performance

I believe that my copy of this lens has somewhat erratic focus performance, and that this may depend on the lighting conditions (indoor / outdoor / bright / overcast). I have settled on an MA of +4 with my copy. Perhaps I am being picky, but find the wide open image to be soft, certainly compared to the 17-55 f2.8, 60 f2.8 macro and 100-400L. Although I understand that the DOF whilst wide open is very thin, and this presents a challenge to the autofocus system, and my own ability. I find my 50 f1.8 to be equally sharp.

I do wonder whether the focus mechanism transitioning to infinity at 5m, which is a good range for full body pictures on 1.6x crop, may be a factor in the focus accuracy I am seeing in a number of my images.

My possible user error sources with this lens are as follows:

1. My ability to hand hold this focal length without IS (see 3 below). I have more success with higher shutter speeds, i.e 1/250 or greater.

2. I believe that due to the placement of the focusing ring, I may be accidentally adjusting the focus after confirming focus. This is due to where my hand comfortably grips the lens (I now use the lend hood for critical shots)

3. On the 7D, I struggle with the weight balance, and would prefer a heavier lens. Perhaps a battery grip would alleviate this, although I think this is also helped by holding the lens by the hood.

It would be comforting to know whether any other users of this lens have experienced similar issues?

None the less, I have a number of images that I am pleased with and would like to to share. All shot with the 7D. I find I use it most for outdoor portraits of my boy.

I hope that the OP enjoys this new purchase.

Kind regards,


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