E-3 auto focus problem, please help!

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Re: Stunning results


I am new to still photography, I bought my first DSLR Olympus e510 in 2007.

That dog fight was the first time, when I was forced to use manual focus on all lenses and I was totally overwhelmed. I kept forgetting to adjust the iris and the shutter, concentrating too much on the focus.

There was a moment, when a dog of some war lord was loosing a fight to another dog. Somebody from anturage of the war lord started to help, doing something against the rules. That was when things could go wrong. The picture of that screaming crowd is in the album. Being so busy with my focus, I was tunnel visioned and did not see weapons in the heated crowd, until my Afghan colleague pushed me away with his eyes rolling, screaming - keep the distance from them and stop taking pictures!
It was a useful exercise.

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