Kirk Tuck as DPR antidote

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Re: Kirk Tuck as DPR antidote

Ulfric M Douglas wrote:

Back to the subject : I dislike Kirk Tuck's latest rendition of his blog : way too many reposted images, way too many pictures of his family which I find distasteful (although it seems to be just me in the whole world) and now a total unwillingness to back up his opinions since the comments sections got completely removed ... and that's after he limited them to approved posters!

He explained this: his family is his favorite photographic subject. In some cases, the repeat photos are to make a point-and because he has limited time to devote to the blog. He limited responses because threads would turn into the same off topic flame wars that are so common on this site. Approving posts has long been a way of making sure the content of response threads remains constructive.

Why does he need to "back up his opinions". He says outright that they are his opinions and others may see things differently. A demand that he back them up could be construed as simply wanting to pick fights with him, even if that's not your intent.

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