Flying Squirrels ... in Maine!

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Re: Flying Squirrels ... in Maine!

They are quite common here in Louisiana, and I'm sure everyone knows they don't 'fly'...they just glide. They are also the neatest pets, and when I was a child I had one for about 3 years. But...they are totally nocturnal, so when the family is sacked out, my little guy was all over the place. When they leap from a tree and stretch their arms and legs out so the membrane is a sail, they always sail downward and land lower on the next tree, then quickly scamper up the trunk into the limbs.

Only in a stiff wind ( which is rare in forests) can they glide on an even or flat glide plane. Their fur is as wonderful as silk. Thankfully, they're so small it would take a zillion to make a coat, else by now they would be exterminated. My little guy had one specific coffee cup he slept in during the day, so we never used nor removed that cup. are right, Buckshot. I had no idea they were in Maine. Good stuff!

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