Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

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Re: Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

bronxbombers wrote:
no need to go so blindlingly bright as 135/140 with some monitors though

my nec pa does fine 80-120 cd/m^2, you get deeper blacks by not going brighter than you need to for current room conditions too

chevysales wrote:

great info in this thread... the usual suspects but what catches my eyes are Ethan's recommended values of 135/140 first time I have read that and will give it a try as I can brighten or darken my working area and will love to see difference in colors if any.

my thoughts were matching prints and maybe washed out whites a bit?

will try and see. as spyder 3 elite recommends the 140 at 6500 when i have patio door levelors open and 5800 at 120 when i am usual night working setup and its also when i usually print.

thanx i actually went last nite from 5800 to 6500 leaving it at 120 and that in itself seems blinding...interesting enough my print came out too dark so back to 5800 i go.

but i will play around with the some settings just to see what Ethan is speaking of but it is the first time i have read this recommendation.

he was speaking of on site work so maybe thats out in a brighter world

D700 paired with 24-70 f2.8 and 70-200vr f2.8 along with an SB900 to brighten things up a bit....

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