Played with Fuji X Pro 1 at CES 2012!

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Played with Fuji X Pro 1 at CES 2012!

i woke up this morning in Los Angeles feeling bored, and said "what the heck" i wanna see this Fuji X Pro 1 up close and personal, so off to LAX i went for a round trip to Sin City!.
CES was mad crazy! people everywhere

Ok.... so here we go:

It definitely a winner!!

Viewfinder: Super large and Bright bright bright!

Auto Focus: Faster than the X100, X10, and certainly good for some nice "Street Photography".

I would say, auto focusing in "A' mode was withing a second of focus to execution.

99.9 percent of my shots were in 'A' Mode.(Which happens to lock when in A mode, so the dial cannot turn-all other shutter speeds selections did not lock-but dial is still nice and stiff)!

what else,,,,Ah yes..Burst Mode! (my absolute favorite of any camera)

Burst mode was 3 fps or 6fps..i kept it on 6 most of the time, but did try 3 fps.
(Loved loved loved the speed, the consistency of exposures, sharpness, and felt
6 is well enough for me.

switching from optical to electronic was so easy! just like the X100.

The viewfinder is a little bigger and brighter than X100.

The shutter sound was so sexy and smooth (just like me

The shutter sound was very very quiet..enough for shooting in wedding, and in quiet enviroments.

Powering to shooting was with 1 to 2 i was very pleased with that.

Autofocusing was really fast! way faster than the X100 (the x100 was displayed right next to the x pro 1, and when i picked it up and tried to auto focus, i quickly noticed
how much faster it was...but i really love how small and sexy the x100 is)

There were 49 selectable focus points you can choose, by pressing "Focus" button on the left botton corner.

The menu layout was God sent. very easy to select setting by a quick access "Q' button, and Fnctn" key!

Once you selected "Q' you had a nice layout grid of selectable features like: Custom setting (7 and all,,,can ya believe that!), ISO, and many more (my brain is shutting down).

Playback and zooming was a breeze! zoom in and out keys where on the left side.

The control keys were nice and large somewhat..not small and hard to press.

The menu button, accessed the different film emulsion you can select! nice nice..

Fuji did an excellent job at allowing you to access 90% of the features you really need within the first access to the menu keys, without having to go on a treasure
hunt to find what you need

When you clicked the "Q' button, you had everything

you needed right there to access quickly..when you hit the "fnctn " button, you had
"iso" selection quicly...kudos for having such quick accessibility like this!!)

ok what else...mmm..( i am now typing with one eye closed, and one eye opened)

Holding the camera felt really nice with the 35mm 1.4 lense. That little grip action they
got made it much nicer to hold.

Using the 18mm f2.0 with really feel even better and lighter.

they had all the other accessories in a glass case: extra grip, the cutiest little retro flash you ever laid your lil darn eyes on, and the 18mm, and 60mm lenses with lens shades (i really like the 18mm with that lens shade-looks cools hehehe)

Playback was fast...scrolling through pics was really, could believe how fast!.

The lenses had the F stops on them...what a breeze that was to change them on the fly with your left hand! (the f-stops wasnt as tight from click to click as i wanted, but it will do)

the exposure comp dial was nicely recessed a little in the body, so you can bump and turn it like the X100..and it had some resistant when turning it, so that was a bonus.

So all in all, if your a freak like i am about dials turning, you will be very pleased to know
that they had that in mind when designing the camera.

Well,what did i miss...did i mention vegas is MAD expensive!!! cheez luiseee!!

oh, so i just about spend over an hour at Fujifilms stand, and didnt see anything else, but

the good part, was at the end, one of the engineers came over with one around his neck and a nice leather case.

We spoke a while, and i told him, how i use to own the Fuji Pro 1 and 2 back in the day, and he asked me " was there anything we can improve on the" X Pro 1"

and honestly i said " not has my seal of approval..oh, but i did mention to get a nice 16-35mm f3.5 zoom lense, and focus peaking feature (like my beloved Sony A77)In there, or on the next one!

But i was very appreciated by his humbleness in asking "lil ole me".

So there it is your pennies..this one gonna be a keeper.

My Sony a77 & Nex 7 gonna have a new roommate come end of feb/early march!
and they better get alone!!
good night..

oh snap..almost forgot....the dreaded orb issue!!

looks like its been 95% resolved..and the camera they had, wasnt even the final firmware!

I have some samples that i took off the back of the X Pro 1, with my iphone, because they didnt let you use your memory card, but i have a heck of a time trying to figure out how to upload them here..(go figure)
part 1 upload:

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