Why are the new Nikon D4 specifictations so crappy?

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Re: Why are the new Nikon D4 specifictations so crappy?

It may not be obvious to non-pros, but if the D4 adds just one additional stop of usable ISO and improved dynamic range, that alone is worth a mint. When I am shooting in a wedding ceremony in a church and can't use a flash and need to handhold, do you think I am going to buy and use a consumer zoom with a variable aperture or top glass with a 2.8 maximum aperture? You can bet the latter and will happily spend $2000 for the ability to do so without a second thought.

Now it matters not what the highest ISO is of the D4, what matters is the highest practical usable ISO is in low light commercial work. With my old D300 I dared not shoot much above ISO 800-1200 as even with using noise reduction in post processing, the results quickly become unacceptable for the bridal album. If the highest excellent quality ISO of the D4 rises to ISO 6400 over the D3s ISO 3200 with improved dynamic range, then that is a HUGE leap forward for this kind of application. I will happily upgrade.


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