Large Group Photo - with 200+ people...

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Re: Large Group Photo - with 200+ people...

lfossier wrote:

I have a situation coming up that I would appreciate your input on.

I have 200+ kids and coaches to shoot in a large group. If there were large bleachers in the facility, I would put all the kids and coaches on the bleachers, about 22 across about 10 rows deep, like a traditional Football Team picture, only with more people.

Problem is the only bleachers in the facility are relativity small, with only three rows of seats. Last year I use the three row bleachers and also put kids on the wings, with kids sitting and kneeling in the front. The end result was OK, but not what I was going for.

This year I am thinking about using a green screen back drop on a large wall, and shooting 22-25 kids, standing on the ground in a single line facing me. I would do this 10 times, getting 10 separate images. Then I would extract each row of kids from the 10 images, and then stack the images on a large set of bleachers I shot earlier.

Basically an 11 layer Photoshopped picture with bleachers as the base layer.

I don't have the option of changing locations, so I have to figure out how to make it work at this facility.

What are your thoughts, and if you have alternative ideas - please share them with me.


Len, I think you're asking for trouble and are going to run out of memory.

It's a big ask 200+ people but I think you can do it with one shot - maybe 2 if you stitch.

Thinking laterally, I think you should shoot down on them from the bleachers - smallest at the front, biggest at the back, organize groups of 15 that have to stay together in a loose triangle and ask them to squish up together, hands on shoulders. When in position, have them place their arms around each other's shoulders, lean their heads on the shoulders of the ones in front. It will look like one huge rugby scrum.

To get them to have their eyes open at the same time - ask them to all close their eyes, then open them when they hear a signal.
Just thoughts... never done it.

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