Just a few thoughts from someone that moved away for M43.

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Just a few thoughts from someone that moved away for M43.

Hi all, not asking Qs, trolling or anything really, just wanted to share my story and a few thoughts...

to give you a brief history, in 2009, I had:

An Oly EP-1
14-42 M.Zuiko kit lens
Panny 20mm 1.7

I loved the setup - the Ep1 stabilised with the the 20 1.7 was a low light machine. Even back then the high iso wasn't THAT bad. I have a few low light keepers at iso3200/ 1.7 which says a lot.

However, I moved away from the system as the lens that I wanted were just plain outright too expensive - namely the 7-14 at the time. The 9-18 was due to come out at a price of £500, which I thought was insane for a plastic lens built with digital correction in mind. I could buy a Tokina 11-16 2.8 for that!

I also wish Lee/Hi-tech etc made ND grads to fit on smaller lenses, as I like to do landscape work.

Due to the prices of lens (and the small selection) I decided to jump ship to APS-C and got a Canon 50D.

Things I love about it:

  • Huge lens selection, great glass available for not a lot of money

  • Established system

  • Accessory selection

  • Use high iso and not worry too much about it

Things I don't love:

  • the sensor is 3 years old, and it shows. Willing to wager the latest panny sensors are way head with noise handling

  • The good glass is heavy and expensive

  • All the lens I want work best on FF

So I've come to a point where I have two paths:

1) Go FF. Waiting for the 5D3 on this, and its my most likely move...
2) See what the crazy world of mirrorless has in store.

The whole reason I'm even considering 2) is because of the quality of ILC stuff.... I've seen the 45 1.8 Oly lens, and pretty much fallen in love with it. If they churn out those lens at those prices, I'm game. The Nex7 also looks like the perfect camera body - it has EVERYTHING. Shame it doesn't have a lens system.

I've written off the fuji system as i would prefer IS and like my zooms. It's also bloody expensive.

Is anyone in a similar boat?

Are you thinking of moving to/away from a M43/another mirrorless system?

Canon EOS 50D Canon EOS 5D Mark III Olympus PEN E-P1 Sony Alpha NEX-7
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