Autofocus Noise with a 550D / T2i - Some Help Appreciated!

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Re: Autofocus Noise with a 550D / T2i - Some Help Appreciated!

You might be surprised how easy it is to manually focus, especially when you're only aiming for "good enough". Give it a try when you get your new camera, but if you don't get along with it, it might be time to start looking for a little pocket camcorder to supplement your new purchase!

Have been trying to determine how easy it is to get reasonable video from the 550d and have been really interested in the comments on this thread.

Jwest is manual focus really that easy ? Does Magic Lantern make life any easier in terms of focusing ?

Also (and im sure this is a daft question so please forgive me) if doing manual focus on the 550d with you still get any lense noise (sounds) like when using auto focus ?

Does Magic Lantern features allow you to use buttons on the back of the camera for manual focusing rather than having to the lense ring

Sorry for all the questions


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