No tilt rear screen on X-Pro 1?Is

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Re: No tilt rear screen on X-Pro 1?Is

jcmarfilph wrote:

You don't need an a swivel or tilting LCD for a rangefinder type of camera.

VF is more important than that.

I have to disagree with the above and say having a tilt-swivel screen is extremely handy for street photography or any photography....

Try taking a photograph from a very low or very high angle with no tilt swivel screen...I guess you could lye on the ground and look through your the beloved "VF" to get the shot...or bring a ladder to get your self high up to take a high angle shot....hardly discrete...or just shoot blindly and hope for the best....

I own a Samsung TL-500 / EX-1 and the tilt-swivel screen is so handy for getting shots at interesting angles....If I was a pro I would not why I would not want a tilt swivel on my Camera....maybe I am in the minority here...

Anyway, just my opinion....If it was up to me...every camera would have a tilt-swivel LCD....Most if not all video cameras do....why not still cameras...

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