Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

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Re: Pixel density

RonFlash wrote:

I use BH Photo all the time. Thanks.

I can see these newer high resolution monitors are way over priced in todays technology. When you can get 46" TV's cheaper than those monitors, it just doesn't add up to me.

So I guess when my time comes to buy the 27" varation, I'll go with the 27" 1920x1080 models, and use my old display as a 2nd display.

Except that almost all of the 1920x1080 27" monitors I am aware of, use an LCD matrix that is NOT ideal for photo viewing and editing - the " TN " tft LCD panel. Furthermore most have a 6bit panel that use a form of Frame Rate Control to simulate the 16.7 million color depth of an 8bit panel - these may cause some banding issue in fine color gradients. If it's the newer 6bit + AFRC then this is better but still it is a TN panel.

You want to find a monitor with an IPS type tft LCD panel or perhaps the new Samsung S-PLS tft LCD panels. It is a viewing angle issue where the color/gamma shifts when viewed at angles other than directly on centre.

TN panel ....

IPS panel ....


I'm going to point you to an old old post I wrote re basic what to look for when buying an LCD for photo use. It still is a useful overview.

Part 1 ...

Part 2 ...


As to pricing of HDTV's.... unfortunately, in addition to having to sit 6 feet away from them to avoid seeing their huge pixels on those 1920x1080 panels, most under $1000 HDTV screens are not able to be easily calibrated to photo standards and will not show an image with accurate colors. Many of the LCD's use a form of MVA panel that also has viewing angle issues.


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