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Re: Will you buy a 5D3 if...

I think other posters have answered your queries/concerns but if you want to view some of my work visit http://www.khapphotos.com - a site I share with a friend who shoots with me on occasions. All the baseball and surfing pics are mine - unfortunately all the football shots are of young players and therefore password protected.

I shoot for sale most of the time (kids sports) and have little time to compose shots so I crop for effect later.

Trust me - the more fps you have at your disposal the more shots you have to choose from to sell later. In certain sports it is a big advantage. Your motocross sample is an 'easy' shot to capture with a 5DMKII as you do not need a high fps rate for it - one shot will do it - not like a tackle in football e.g. where you do not know what the outcome will be when you start shooting.


joger wrote:

zoooming wrote:

From experience at 3.9 fps you will miss something with your 5DMKII that others with a MKIV at 10fps, or a 7D at 8fps, will not - particularly if you shoot sport.

do you have some examples that support your claim?

Please post images with the shot before and after the "world class" photo

For me this looks more like you hope to get the right picture - from my perspective it is I want to get the right quality.

Throughout the last three years with the 5D II I used the serial function at three occasions and I was very happy with the results especially with the motor cycle drivers (illustrated before in this thread)

Please post images where YOU needed 8 or 10 fps and explain.

Please also post 100 % crops

This is a 100 % crop of my motor cycle jumper:

I have more the problems to get movement, eye hand coordination and exposure right then pressing the button the right time.

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