Front element protection options?

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Re: Steel ball drop test shows.....

MasterOfGoingFaster wrote:

slimandy wrote:

I have a feeling if I hit the filter hard enough to damage it I would break the lens anyway.

I did a steel ball impact test on a number of filters and a rather old third party lens. In a nutshell, at a force level that broke every filter, the lens held up fine. At twice the impact force, a tiny mark appeared. From the experiment, I concluded the filter offered nearly zero impact protection. That's not to say filters don't offer other "protection" benefits, but impact is not one of them.

Yes, I destroyed the lens in the test. Worth it for the knowledge.

Too much time on your hands Ken? When your not dropping steal balls on lenses what do you get up to? My advice is the same as yours. Always put a hood on it! No filter.

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