Take chance on Canon G1X or keep Sony NEX 5n?

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Re: Take chance on Canon G1X or keep Sony NEX 5n?

toomanycanons wrote:

I would have loved to have had a satisfied NEX owner use my NEX and tell me how great MINE was (and point out what I was doing wrong, if anything). The satisfied owners could not believe mine worked so poorly, citing "user error" when I'm a fairly competent DSLR user and use cameras in my business. But not the NEX. I finally gave up, never having used a NEX that a reasonable person would rave about.

So for another person on this forum give his NEX a 5 out of 10, hey, it happened to me.

I'd really be interested in seeing at least one of those terrible NEX pictures along with the EXIF data.

There are no pictures, from any camera, in your gallery so I guess you never posted sample pictures on the NEX forum, when you had your camera, or you've deleted them.

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