When will mirrorless put it all together?

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Re: Waiting for a Perfect Camera? or just settle or a DSLR

007peter wrote:

Here is the biggest irony. Aside from #1 - small lens, I find CANON or NIKON dslr to be the closest camera hitting the majority of these requirements. While I don't mind EVF, I do have problem spending yet another $200 for one. When I add up the cost and compromises, I keep coming back to a compact dslr like canon rebel or nikon d3100.

I tend to agree, that's why I've got a Pentax on order. My dream is that Olympus puts it all together with their next camera, or at least more of it, but I'm certainly not holding my breath. I'll likely have a smaller dslr and something like a Canon G1x or Fuji X100 as my smaller carry everywhere for quite sometime.

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