M10 soon ?

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Re: M10 soon ?

petertan1959 wrote:

/ I bet anything that you wouldn't be able to distinguish between the sensors or cameras which were used on any photo./

so let me step back a bit and digest that small piece of sentence....

what you are trying to say is that my nex 3 will produce the same great photos from your m9? is that what you want to convey?

WOW you just admitted that you just wasted $10k to take pictures of equal quality to my Nex3!

by the way laki try to look at your galleries 1st before being a critic to others.

your race car set are BLURRY

your street scene (with the street musicians) has no story? everyone in the picture is looking this way & that. there is no central story to the picture.

picture L1000151 with the lady walking and wheelchair with the football in the air? nothing is sharp! what is your central theme there?

picture L1000187 with the guy smoking reading the newspaper. the chairs are distrcting. the top sign banner was cropped and the viewer eyes are drawn to this cropped letters.there is the blurry guy sitting across the street that is also a distraction.

picture L1000243 church scene.wrong use of fisheye/uw lens. the angle is "weird". you want the uw view to converge on the central theme. what is the central theme? the lighted window?there is another windows on the upper right that is also a distraction.

LOL, thanks for the laugh.

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