Why the G1X is super brilliant

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Re: Why the G1X is NOT super brilliant

Why will this camera which will not go in a normal pocket but better than a small light SLR with kit lens, or a Panasonic or other mirrorless camera??

1:- it doesn't make a clattery racket like mirrorless cams & DSLRs do (a Biggie)
2:- it's likely to outperform Micro 4/3 especially Olympus at high ISOs
3:- there's no Compact Mirrorless lens with the zoom range (however fast)
4:- there's no way you can compare the size to even a K5 or D5100

it's the closest thing to an X100 with a zoom - a silent large sensor camera with a fixed lens

It's a shame that it's not either F4.5 OR 140mm at the long end, also a shame that it's not got a proper rear command dial and they removed the ISO dial to make way for the pathetic popup twinkler (should have made it work on the front like the G10-12), they should have stuck with the G10-12/SX30 battery for upgraders sake and FINALLY put a high speed drive mode in and AVCHD for video but nothing is perfect - as a big G10 or a zoomy alternative to the X100 it's a good'un

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