Vista 64 and raw pef files

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Re: Microsoft's RAW Codec Pack

GordonBGood wrote:

Rule 34 wrote:

Since nobody seems to know about this here (or at least I couldn't find it posted)... forget about the buggy one Pentax released and never updated, here we have one straight from Microsoft that works on 64 bit. I believe it works fine with K5 raw files as well, but I could be mistaken.

I'm afraid you are wishful thinking (mistaken) that the 64 bit codec available from the above link will open any 'PEF' raw Pentax image files newer than the K-x and K-7 just as it states on the page, thus excluding the K-r, K-5, and the 645D. Even if one fudged the check for the exact model names from the raw image file metadata, the K-5 and the 645D output 14 bit raw files rather than the 12 bit ones of earlier cameras and one can be sure that this change has not been accommodated.

That's what they get for not just scanning the EXIF for the embedded JPEG. Oh well, useful for K7 and Kx owners anyway.

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