Printer Profile for HP Color LaserJet CP3525

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Re: Printer Profile for HP Color LaserJet CP3525

What paper are you using? Profiles are always paper-specific. If HP doesn't provide them on their web site then there probably aren't any generic profiles.

Color laser printers can be a major pain to print photos on. My Lexmark defaults to some color setting that just cranks up the saturation on everything to make pie charts look good, but it destroys photos. Even if I try to tell it not to do this, it can't seem to translate sRGB into anything reasonable using it's standard built-in tables.

Laser printers also vary in their output so much over time that I think you pretty much have to have a ColorMunki or something to profile it periodically. In other words, I don't know how useful a standard profile can really be.

I did profile my Lexmark with my ColorMunki and it's surprisingly good (for a laser printer) using the custom profile, but before that there was just nothing I could do to make the color look right.

Not sure how many photos you want to print, but if all I had was a color laser with no custom profile then I'd just print everything at a discount photo lab.

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