Learned About sRGB and Adobe RGB - Feel Like Shooting Myself

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Re: Learned About sRGB and Adobe RGB - Feel Like Shooting Myself

6) Who the hell created this massively confusing and infinitely annoying difference in color and are they alive, if not, how will photography change if I go back in time and kill them for their crimes against photographer and ubiquity?

If anyone then I guess it would be God since this is fundamental issue of physics and biology. Killing God would be quite a feat, though some say he's already dead.

As everyone says, just never save any JPEG files as anything but sRGB unless you're sure there's a special reason, which there almost never is. If your camera settings have it saving JPEGs on its card using the AdobeRGB colorspace then either change the setting to sRGB or just always import everything (RAW or JPEG) into Lightroom/Photoshop/whatever and export sRGB JPEGs to make sure.

Personally I'd always shoot in RAW anyway. Try setting the exposure on your camera at least 3 stops too low, then snap a photo in both RAW and JPEG. Now take those and load them into something and try to fix the exposure on each. Note huge difference. So RAW gives you some insurance in case your exposure is messed up. (Actually, I have my camera set up to save in both RAW and JPEG, so that's another option.)

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