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Re: M10 soon ?

petertan1959 wrote:

Can you please just accept that you have an opinion and my opinion is different, and that other people's opinions, needs and wants are different to yours?

then why are you arguing against my points? based on your suggestion - why not ACCEPT it?

Because you are stating your opinions as fact and you are ignoring evidence and information that shows that they are opinions.

that is what i like about leica m9 users. at first they say that the m9 is a "superior: piece of machinery that even the best canon or nikon cannot come close to its imagery.

I've not said that or seen anyone else say that.

when facts are presented - in this case an admission from Leica itself - that CMOS is the future, they would still not accept it.

If Leica have said that a future camera will be CMOS based then the fact is that a future camera will be CMOS based, it does not change the quality of the m9 sensor or make CMOS better for all applications.

Did you read any of the links that I sent?

they now use other criteria that are superfluous like

colour filter arrays, micro lenses (and angles), base ISO sensitivity, what point information is digitised, filters (anti alias, IR, UV, etc) that all have an impact on the ultimate output

I am glad that you dismiss them as superfluous, i think it shows the level of understanding that you have.

when sensors are discussed they would say that lens are better.
when lens are discussed they would say that CCD sensors are better.

when AF systems are discussed they would say Manual Focus gives the "artist" better control on how to capture the "moment"

I think that modern AF is incredibly good at focussing quickly and tracking movement on the high end Nikons and Canons. I am sure that if you could magically change the m9 to have the same kind of AF coverage, speed and sophistication without adding cost, weight, complexity or bulk then I would guess that most users here would be OK with that.

I might be wrong but I think people are probably trying to explain range finders to you, and the ability to see more than the lens so that you can focus and compose and wait for your subject to enter the frame.

Sorry to sound like a stuck record but this is a better way of working for some people and some situations, no camera is perfect for every situation.

they always find a way to bring the conversion into something intangible so that facts are not the basis of a comparison to show the silliness of their arguments.

And you seem to ignore most of the replies that you get and instead only respond to the pieces that you feel prove your point without trying to further your understanding.


Which point is BS? That I don't think CMOS technology gives you a better image in all situations or the fact that I've given examples of NASA still buying CCDs for new missions or the fact that there is more to a sensor than just the silicon?

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