Some one help me out- an angry wife

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Re: Some one help me out- an angry wife

I use the Colormunki to cal my monitor with regularity and create profiles for my printer/paper updating. Let's stick with the monitor calibration, whenever I re-cal my monitor the previous cal file is not destroyed. It's still there in the list and it or any previous cal be be selected to be the default.

So, just go back and recall your previous/orig cal to the default to keep your wife happy. However, do patiently introduce to the benefits of calibrating.

I suggest returning the display only model and get the 'full' Colormunki that will profile both your display and paper-printer. Your, being the artist will grow to appreciate the power and advantages of this tool. I have used the Munki for past few years and welcome the updating of my paper-printer profiles. This has been important to me during the New England winters and summers- when changes in temp and humidity alter my print quality-not much, but enough to notice.

irv weiner

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