LX3 lens cap size?

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Re: LX3 lens cap size?

psandham wrote:

Well I'm not the only one. Here's a review of the vertical style case where the user has the same problem:


As I said in my first post regarding the optional lens cap:

"Be aware that it may not fit your case"..."may" being the operative word

NOTE - I am using this on an LX5, not an LX3 - which may explain the problems

Ah-Ha! the 5 instead of a 3, that's probably why there's the desparity.... The lenses between 'em are a major difference with the Lx3 lens being significantly smaller than the 5 lens....

I disagree with that link comment about them not being leather.. Both of mine, received from two different Chinese &\or Hong Kong sources seem to be real leather... Even after a few years my primary still smells like a neatsfoot-oil conditioned baseball glove although the separate little battery pouch mine came with might not be leather. But if the really aren't leather, so be it, they're damn good imitations...

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