Advise on Europe trip. Am I paranoid?

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Re: Advise on Europe trip. Am I paranoid?

As somebody here already mentioned, be particularly careful in cafes and restaurants when you may be a bit off guard. The only time I had a camera stolen was many years ago in Rome, and yes it was from a cafe table. I managed to chase the thief down on foot (I was a much younger special forces soldier on holidays in those days!) and gently reclaim my property.

My backup is always a good P&S and I'll often just carry this in my pocket if I think the D3s/24-70 is a bit too big for what we're doing that day. For those other times I'm finding the camera on my iPhone is remarkably good whenever the light is OK.

To me, the biggest worry is having my gear stolen toward the end of a trip when all my photos are on the card in the camera. These "memories" on a card are much more value to me than the gear itself. So the lesson here is to back-up as often as possible while on your holiday. I usually carry a laptop or iPad and can back-up to these and make copies onto thumb drives etc for distribution around my and my partner's luggage. Uploading to your "cloud" of choice is also a good idea if you've got the bandwidth in your hotel.

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