POLL - which D800 model would YOU buy

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Re: POLL - which D800 model would YOU buy

D800s features with the D800X sensor!

CriticalI wrote:

This forum is ample evidence that varied requirements and desires exist for low res, high res, video and non-video solutions. We are all different. People bought lots of D700s (even after video became common) and people bought lots of 5Dmk2s even though the AF was, er, pants).

However, if Nikon could hypothetically make four 800 mark cameras for the same price of say $3500 by mixing and matching parts already developed, which would you choose....?

D800xv: 36MP, 5fps, HD video, D3s metering and AF
D800sv : 16MP, 8fps, HD video, D3s metering and AF
D800x : 36MP, no video, D3s metering and AF, built in GPS, high speed tethering
D800s : 16MP, no video, full D4 metering and AF

Assume build quality similar to D700 and 2 card slots and slower burst rate for x vs. s models because of file size.

Please reply using one of the above model numbers as the subject title. Some of you may want something different but humour me - just list what would be closest to the one you want, and qualify your response in the text.

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