So What if K-Mount is Discontinued?

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So What if K-Mount is Discontinued?

I've read a LOT of threads recently that focused on the rumors that the K-5 has been discontinued, and Pentax (as per Ricoh) is abandoning the K-mount and going their mirrorless full frame, or whatever. A lot of people have sworn this won't be happening. A lot of expressed indifference, and others have declared that the death of K-mount means the death of their ownership in anything branded Pentax. Some have even gone to the point of saying that they have stopped buy lenses and accessories just to see what the future holds. While a smart move economically I guess, I can't help but feel torn at these sentiments. My actions as of late clearly prove my point:

  • I just...JUST bought the DA* 50-135, and I am becoming quite the pain in the rear with my post office (such sweet ladies) as I go in there everyday and check my box. Sometimes multiple times a day (don't judge me).

  • I JUST ordered the battery grip for my K-5. Again...further reason my post office knows who I am)

  • I JUST ordered the Metz AF 50-1 (reason number three )

  • I have been eying the DA* 55/1.4 for the past several weeks. I am very, very close to using the justification that I will make the money back while deployed (which is coming up soon) to just hit the "Confirm Checkout" button. I'll make it back in less than a month, and I won't be spending money down there. (Typing that definitely did not make this easier to abstain...)

  • I have been drooling over the 50-500 OS (New Bigma) to finally explore wildlife photography. The pictures I have seen from it are just...incredible, especially when you consider the price and zoom range.

  • I have considered selling/trading my DA 12-24 in favor of the Sigma 8-16 for the wider wideness of it (thoughts on IQ differences and experiences with going from either 12-24 --> 8-16 or 8-16 --> 12-24 would be much appreciated)

(I am aware that this could lead some to having me written off as some spoiled rich kid riding daddy's inheritance...I assure you it is not - I work upwards of 100 hours a week in the Army in preparation for a combat tour and a year ago I went from a measly $300-500 a month salary to now Lieutenant's pay (what I would consider overpay, much to the complete disagreement of my peers)...let's just say that my lifestyle at home has remained the same with regard to not going out to dinner much and eating cheaply via cooking, etc., and I have used the additional income to fund my photography and sense of adventure, what money is meant for imho )

Anyway, we all want the best, the brightest, the newest, etc. Well most of us, and unfortunately, I find myself in that camp more than I'd like to admit, but hey, I'm human. But I have also read an intriguing amount of users that still have not upgraded, and are proudly touting their K10/20 variants. And most of the pictures that are produced with those are so much superior to mine, even with my new K5.

Through coming to this realization, I have determined that even if the death of K-mount was announced tomorrow morning, I would still happily grab another K-5 as my back-up (still waiting for the prices to drop further for this move), continue my collecting of appropriate K-mount lenses, and be happy with what I would consider one of the best systems to ever have been created for the next 5, maybe 10 years. The best for me that's for sure.

I love Pentax, I really do. I spent 6 months harassing DPR (I didn't know of this forum at the time) trying to figure out what camera system to get. I know how annoying those "Which DSLR?" threads can become so monotonous and annoying, but I did my research, and the K-7 at the time was the best camera in the world for my needs (rugged, weather sealed, compact, etc). The K-5 maintains that and improves upon it in every way I can think of, and significantly more than a typical 1-camera upgrade should.

So if they kill k-mount, yes, I would be upset because that would mean no upgrades to the K5, which is intriguing just to think about...and there's still so many lenses that Pentax needs to make in DA*! But even still, there's already so many that my needs are fully fulfilled as of now and for a long while after. Wants are different than needs, and I recognize that (though my above bullet list doesn't exemplify that lol)

So my question still stands: if K-mount finds its direction only pointing to the past, who cares?

Not the guy holding his two K-5's.


I'm a 23 year old lieutenant serving as a platoon leader in the US Army that has an extremely voracious appetite for backpacking and adventure. I am also finally feeding my passion for photography while working on the fluency of my two languages other than English: Spanish and Arabic, and now picking up some broken German as I live in the Fatherland.

Pentax K-5 Pentax K-7 Pentax K-m (K2000) Sigma 50-500mm F4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM
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