Leica Tri-Elmar 28-35-50mm f4

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Paul, my thoughts . . .


I use a C3 (no NEX-7), and experience no problem with the Leica M lenses I have, including the two Tri-Elmars.

First, I won't worry about the resolving power of the MATE on NEX-7. Secondly, there were reports from early reviewers that NEX-7 has (significant) color shift/magenta cast with "symmetric design" Rangefinder lenses (which can be fixed by Cornerfix software. Yuck, for me.) These symmetric design lenses include the ZM Biogons, many CV lenses, a few compact Leicas (28/2.8, 18/3.8, 24/3.8, 21/3.4).

There were review of WATE on NEX-7, with no issue. I haven't seen any review of the MATE on NEX-7. I don't have a NEX-7, so I can't definitively drawing any conclusion. But if I intend to buy a NEX-7 in the future, I feel no concern in using any of the Leica M lenses I have (Tri-Emar's, Lux's, and Cron's).


Paul Richman wrote:

No ray angle issues, with corner color cast and loss of sharpness, as occurs with some wide angle M lenses?
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