FZ150 vs. GH1

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Re: FZ150 vs. GH1

NeillJ wrote:

First: I am a happy FZ150 owner so I may be biased.

With that out of the way -why agonise over the IQ? Are you a pixel-peeper?
How do you view your photos?

On a HD TV 1920x1080; A4 print or larger;Or is your eyesight so goiod that you can read the newpaper at 50 yards?

If you enter photo competitions then they may require a minimum of 10Mp.

If you you do night wildlife photography you will want a camera tha does 12800 ISO with minmal noise (full sized DSLR - Nikon or Canon - top of range)

Or do you just want to enjoy taking good photos?

From what I read the OP doesn't want the hassle of dragging seldom used gear around - which is why I went to the FZ150. I have used it on safari and around the neighboorhood and while hiking and biking and would not swap it for quids. ( I have used 35mm gear with various lenses in the oast and will never do back to full-sized gear again.

neil are you suggesting the FZ150 matches a DSLR upto A4 prints ?


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