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Re: M10 soon ?

petertan1959 wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

its different Peter, not better or worse or are you now saying that dslr cameras automatically have better image quality than digital medium format backs?

if you are going to compare then compare oranges to oranges and apples to apples.

I am, you said that CMOS was better and the future, many have stated that the Leica chip is more like a scaled down MF sensor than most other 35mm format chips.

Why are the cameras where cost is less of an issue all still using CCD? I think that's a valid question back to you.

if you are going to compare ff leica then compare it to ff nikon and ff canon.

Because they both use cmos?

There are advantages to both approaches - this has been debated thousands of times or more on the internet - here's a fairly unbiased page (from a company that makes both types of sensor) with summarries and further links

dslr have several classes too you know.

Yep - I am aware of that

since leica said that CMOS is the future logic would dictate that since canon, nikon, sony, panasonic, fujifilm, etc are using CMOS then using simple reasoning it also means that canon, nikon, sony, panasonic, fujifilm are the FUTURE.

That is some weird logic - does it also make my 90s webcam the future as it's CMOS? Rather than pick one type of sensor I think that they are all going with the right technology for them. All of them are dependent on live view and CMOS seems to have an advantage there at the moment (probably lower power and as a consequence less heat to dissipate too) - so CMOS straight away would be the winner for that reason.

and since the FUTURE is here because they use CMOS then logic again dictates that Leica is the PAST?

By your flawed logic, yes - to anyone that uses them (and medium format) no - it's just not that simple - get the tool that works for what YOU want to do - but the d700 gave me no practical benefit compared to the M9 which is why I switched.

in laptop terms, if all other laptops brands are using i7 core and your brand is still using c2d then which laptop is behind in technology?

The one using the chip that has been REPLACED by the SAME manufacturer in the SAME product line will be a better processor. That's a completely different scenario.

maybe some of you would say the c2d still runs photoshop!

Maybe some would - I am also sure that EVERYONE would agree that in general the i7 will be a better processor, which is another reason that your logic doesn't make sense.

but when you compare prices, the c2d costs 3x the i7 laptop???

How's that relevant?

You are missing the whole point - there is not a perfect sensor or a perfect camera, at any cost.

If CCDs are so old then why are NASA using them in launches this year?



You are also missing other important elements like colour filter arrays, micro lenses (and angles), base ISO sensitivity, what point information is digitised, filters (anti alias, IR, UV, etc) that all have an impact on the ultimate output.

Can you please just accept that you have an opinion and my opinion is different, and that other people's opinions, needs and wants are different to yours?

My point in our exchanges has always been that you need to look at what is best for a situation or range of situations - if you look in isolation you can make anything appear to be 'the best' and if it was ALL about absolute resolution and dynamic range then we'd all be shooting large format (8x10 or bigger) black and white sheet film.

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