G1X: Professional and Serious Photographers

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Re: G1X: Professional and Serious Photographers

I've been following the hunderds of comments across the various G1X threads and here are my thoughts..

I've been using 35mm sincle the mid 70's and went through the D100, 10D through 7D range (skipping the 60D). I just don't get the 4:3 format. Maybe I'm stuck on 2:3 fromat. Would have loved to see the G1X in the 2:3 format. (I'm also a G series guy currently using a G12 along with my 7D)

Agree with most people that a 24 at the wide end would be perfect. Would give up 20mm on the long end and can even live with the aperature range.

Seems like a perfect camera for travelling when I don't want to lug my 7D. Went on a Carribean cruise last year only with the G12 and the only disappointments were the night shots. the G1X has the potential to substitue for my 7D/15-85 combo.

Lastly, this must be just me. Love the lines on the G12 but the G1X reminds me of the reliant/K-car.. what's up with the boxy look.

I'll hold out for reviews and then take it for a test drive when it's avaiable and then decide.

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