Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

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technic wrote:

P.S., some news from CES:

the new Samsung 55"OLED TV seems to be using real OLED technology, instead of only an OLED backlight in the LG model.

oh wow the LG was only using OLED for the backlight?? How can they even call that an OLED set then? That is NOT an OLED set at all. It's just a regular LCD only it uses OLED instead of RGB LED or W LED or CCFL for the backlight. An OLED backlighting LCD is 100% different from an OLED set! The two could not be more different.

but if samsung has jumped the real deal from 14" to 55" then THAT is impressive

The new 4K (8.3 Mpixel) 20"display from Panasonic also looks impressive; talk about pixel peeping! Many users will need glasses to really see all those pixels. And just 3.5 mm thick, it is almost getting in print territory

yeah wow i'd love a 24" OLED 4k monitor! That would really do images justice and get you nearly as sharp as many prints with a wider gamut and way higher CR ratio. I bet 10 bits becomes more important on OLED since they have bright whites with virtually true pitch black blacks, huge DR. And you could view e-published books and mags on that probably nearly as crisply as printed books and maybe even more clearly than most printed mags.

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