Sell the 50 1.4g, get the 85 1.8g?

Started Jan 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP walliswizard Forum Member • Posts: 86
Re: Sell the 50 1.4g, get the 85 1.8g?

Ah OK thanks, so aperture is aperture regardless of lens! Just one of those technical questions I realised I didn't really know the answer to last night!

Camera is the D7000 - so DX body, and the 50mm is therefore a 75 once the 1.5 crop is factored in, and the 85 would be a.... er... (quick, somebody good at Maths?)... er... 127mm or there abouts.

Maybe I'll stick with the 50 then. I do love it's small size. I think a 70-200 should probably be a next buy - sadly NOT likely to be the Nikon at it's current price.

Better get that 17-55 to earn it's money I guess!

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