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Tandaina wrote:

I keep seeing talk about mirror vibrations but I don't get it. I have never had trouble with mirror vibrations going back to my 70s era manual Minolta body. Any shot where it MIGHT have been an issue is on a tripod anyway. And the tripod better be sturdy enough to not be shaken by a mere mirror slap.

No matter how heavy tripod you use, mirror slap is causing internal vibrations in the camera! Earlier I used Leica SLR cameras, and for critical work with focal lengths longer than 200 mm I had to avoid shutter speeds between 1/125 sec and 1 sec, due to mirror slap. For part of my work mirror slap is a serious issue.

Are folks using so many step up macro converters that they are taking pictures of microscopic things where vibrations that small are making a difference? Seriously, even on slow shutter speed macro exposures I rarely use the mirror lockup feature. It's just always been a complete nonissue.

People have different standards for their work. For serious macro photography mirror slap is an issue, seen with moderate to long shutter speed.

I'm starting to wonder if it ever really was an issue or if those have moved away from the mirror are just "feeling" like its better? After all, with mirror lockup there is no vibration, unless the aperture blades are causing vibration and well, that's pretty fiddly and still a problem on a mirrorless camera!

Okay, then look at this post (mirror slap and electronic first curtain, A700 compared to the A77. Note that mirror slap from the A900 is way worse than from the A700):


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