Considering switch from Canon - Advice sought

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Re: Considering switch from Canon - Advice sought

I am not a professional but from many posts on FM forum I got the feeling that professional customer support, lens rental availability and used lens market is quite important for many of those folks. When you switch to Sony you have none of that or in short supply I suspect. Finding good price on the lens on Ebay requires great patience. It is better when you go on Dyxum or FM forum but there are just not many users that have quality Sony/Minolta/Zeiss lenses and want to sell them. In case of Canon/Nikon the story is quite different- if someone needs the lens for specific photography work one can get good bargains in no time. I could sell L lens one day and buy the same next week or month for the same price or even cheaper. Because of the size of the used market putting together Sony photography kit can be more expensive as the prices of new lenses are not much different than L or stabilized Canon equivalents.

I just thought it can be something important for you so it is better to think about it before making a move.

Image quality wise there are probably no differences though it all depends on user preferences, knowledge and experience (so my opinion here counts for what it is - amateur's opinion). I have been using A900 for over 3 years and so far had no issues with that camera but it is just 1 sample size. I haven't had any issues when I was using Canon as well, so I guess it all depends on luck

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